Selling or leasing now?

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Bypass the stress of physical open homes with 6 simple tips to help maximise engagement with your property online.

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Preparing your home interior for sale

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When it comes to selling your property, you must decide what is necessary to repair and what is not. This article exclusively looks at the interior of your property. Much depends on the competition and current market. If the competition is intense then preparation should be a vital focus.

If the market in your area is super-hot and houses are selling at high speed, it displays a buyer interest and attraction to the area rather than the finer details. In a sellers’ market it is possible only minor, essential repairs need to be made.


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Why hold open homes when selling?

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Good presentation can make the crucial difference to the successful sale of your property. It helps create the emotional link that makes a buyer fall in love with your home.

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Get the Best Exchange Rate When Buying or Selling

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There’s a lot to consider when planning the purchase or sale of a property, particularly if you’re bringing funds into Australia or moving funds out.

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Open Inspections: Dress Your Home for Success

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Dress Your Home for Open Success


While every property has good points, most have aspects that would benefit from improvement. With a little thought and energy, you can make the most of the good points and cover up the less appealing aspects. Presentation is everything … and it’s often what sells the emotional appeal of a property.


Set the setting for a successful open for inspection with these helpful tips.


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Spring into First Impressions

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Spring is often seen as the season when the property market starts to build momentum again. Those with time to plan the sale of their property may have used winter to complete home maintenance and even undertake renovation and freshen the décor in preparation for the spring market.


If you haven’t had this time to prepare your home, don’t despair. There are a number of quick and easy ideas you can employ to get your home looking its best to make that all important first impression a powerful statement so your property stands out.



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Tips for Winter Indoors and Out

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Now is the time to ensure your property is prepared for colder weather – especially if you’re considering putting your property on the market during the upcoming months. Spring will be here before you know it. 


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How to: Add value in the kitchen

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Kitchens are widely touted as a room of a house that can add value when it comes to selling your property. But not all kitchens are created equal. What can you do to yours to catch a potential buyer’s eye and persuade them to make a good offer?

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5 Tips to Sell Your Home in Winter

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Are you listing your property for sale this winter? Then you may have heard it can be a more difficult time to sell, and while this can sometimes be true with fewer house-hunters out and about at open homes, there are also several advantages to selling in winter. 


One of the biggest advantages your property will have is a lack of competition from other similar properties on the market compared with busier selling periods like spring. With this in mind, it’s still important to make sure your property is the best presented one for those circling which properties to brave the cold and visit during the cooler seasons.


Here we take a look at the top five ways to help your home sell in winter.

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