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Nutrien Harcourts property management services.

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At Nutrien Harcourts, we have the systems, procedures and accredited Property Managers to deliver on your needs. We also understand that everyone is different and tailor our management to suit.

Our Property Managers are supported by a a national team of Property Management Operations Managers, whose role is to support, train, problem solve and keep up to date with the latest innovations in the world of Property Management.




Specialists in Property Management

As specialists in Property Management, our people are dedicated and trained professionals.

Market Knowledge

Our Property Managers understand how the market will impact your investment and how to improve the yield from your property.

Global Strength

Our local knowledge is backed by our global strength, providing a full network of Property Management professionals.

Expert Training

The Harcourts Academy provides expert training and coaching for our Property Managers to keep them at the forefront of Property Management legislative changes.

Finding the Right Tenant

We accelerate the renting of your property to the right tenant through focused marketing and tenant screening procedures.

Regular Communication

We guarantee that we will proactively communicate with you on all matters relating to your property.

Forefront of Technology

Innovative mobile and web-based products streamline the many processes required for seamless management.

Additional Services

We offer a wide range of value-added services to further enhance your investment.


Why Employ a Professional Property Manager?

When arranging Property Management documents and tasks, it is important to thoroughly understand the Residential Tenancies Act. This is a highly specialised aspect of Real Estate. It is fraught with the danger of litigation in almost every task you undertake.

A competent Property Manager not only possesses a strong understanding of their role, they continually increase their knowledge of insurance requirements, changes to legislation and industry and market trends to ensure all clients receive the highest level of service at all times. 



The Risks of Managing Your Own Investment Property


If you are considering managing your own investment property, then it's wise to consider the following points:

  • Do you possess a thorough understanding and knowledge of The Residential Tenancies Act in order to maintain a fair and professional relationship with your tenant?

  • How much do you know about the tenant selection process?

  • Do you know how to lodge your tenants' bond money in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act requirements and within the required time frame?

  • Do you know the right procedure when dealing with rental payment arrears?

  • Do you have a concise knowledge of The Residential Tenancies Act to effectively represent yourself in court?

  • Could you successfully terminate your tenancy and recover possession of your property without the need to go to court?

  • Could you complete a valid Property Condition Report with enough detail to stand up in court if necessary?

  • Do you know the correct procedure when the tenant has absconded and abandoned goods remain at the property?

  • Would you be able to recover any outstanding debts?


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