Add value to your property during lockdown

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Get your property prepared for the time when we are past this crisis. 

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Rental Property Renovation: 3 Questions to ask yourself first

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Renovating a rental property can be a costly exercise but making improvements to the property can yield a healthy return. To ensure you’re maximising your investment, it’s important not to overcapitalise, to stick to your budget, and to use durable products and materials. If you are considering renovating your rental property, ask yourself these 3 questions first.


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How to design a lawn-free landscape

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With climate change affecting weather around the world, many homeowners are replacing turf with low-maintenance landscape ideas.




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Here comes the heat

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Our wonderful Australia summer can cause problems for those plants in your garden. Using these few tips, you can achieve maximum water efficiency and retention of natural rainfall.

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Adapting for later in life

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A comfortable care-free retirement can often stem from being in a comfortable low-maintenance home. If you are looking ahead to where you want to be and how you want to live, you need to consider a number of options.


Ask yourself whether it’s time to sell the home on the large block with high maintenance gardens to enjoy the luxury lifestyle of a flat or apartment. 



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How to turn your garage into a home gym

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Finding the motivation to exercise at home can be tough – especially if you don’t have the space. Here are some of our favourite home gym ideas to turn your garage into your very own personal workout space. 



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Green your world: Grow veggies in recycled containers

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If you’re keen on being ‘green’ and healthy this year, now might be a great time to plant up a veggie garden and start growing your own salad, soup and stew ingredients.






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Be aware this holiday season

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If you’re heading away for the summer break consider how well protected your home is against thieves. We have a few tips to ensure your house is safeguarded and well equipped to lock up and leave this summer break.


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Upcycling in the Home

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With the Winter season comes indoor pursuits. It’s the perfect time to clean up and decorate around the home. Try ‘upcycling’, the popular transformation of discarded or useless items into something new or useful. Here are a few ideas for inspiration.


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Time to test your smoke alarms

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 Many Australians change their smoke alarm batteries once per year. For a landlord or property owner, smoke alarm compliance is much more than just changing a battery and testing an alarm.


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